Senator John F. Russo Scholarship

This scholarship celebrates the life and dedication of Sen. John F. Russo to public service and his contributions to integrity in politics, by-partisanship, cultural diversity, civility and tolerance. Eligible students from Ocean County High Schools should have demonstrated experience with a declared political party and active participation in the political process. Two award will be granted each fall and spring semester, one to a Democrat and one to a Republican. Additionally, one male and one female award is preferred form the opposite party is preferred.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Applicants must show active engagement in the political process to be considered.
    • Are you a declared member of a nationally recognized political party?
    • Describe your involvement in the local, state or national political process to date.
    • Please provide a short essay on Senator John F. Russo's political carrier highlighting the importance of any of the following characteristics: Integrity in politics, cultural diversity in politics, civility in politics, tolerance in politics or by-partisanship.