Christopher Calderone Memorial Scholarship

The Christopher Calderone Memorial Scholarship has been established in memory of Christopher Calderone. Christopher attended Ocean County College for a short time in the Fall of 2015.

Christopher lost his life in a car accident on November 9, 2015. He was taken far too soon but the legacy of love and kindness he left behind will continue forever. He was a wonderful human being who rarely thought of himself and always made time to lend an ear to those who needed him. He was often known to his peers as a “peacemaker” and went out of his way to make everyone happy. He volunteered his time to those less fortunate and would drop everything to help someone out. He was a fun loving young man who enjoyed his time at Ocean County College and cherished the friendships he made with many of the Ocean County College students.

This scholarship will be awarded to a student who possesses some of Christopher’s characteristics in particular the kindness they reflect on others while pursuing their life’s dreams.